Beschikbare remenergie

1. Hoeveel energie kan de infrastructuur van ProRail verdragen?

Trainstation Apeldoorn
Regenerative energy to be expected on bases of available infrastructure

DescriptionNotationMax power allowable
Max allowable braking current per braking action[A]4.000
Max possible percentage of recovering[%]95%
Generated voltage[VDC]1800
Braking time in seconds[Seconds]40
Braking time in hours[H]0,011
Braking power in KW[kW]6840
Regenerated energy per train[kWh]76
Number of trains per hour[nr/H]20
Effective daily operation[H]18
Maximal regenerated energykWh/day13.680

2. Hoeveel energie kunnen treinen terug leveren aan de infrastructuur?

DescriptionNotationMin train weightMax trein weight
Train weight[kg]450.000810.000
Speed incoming Trains[km/h]9090
Kinetic energy[1/2MV2][J]140.625.000196.020.000
Kinetic energy[MJ]141196
Factor conversion