About Hedgehog Applications

Mission and vision

Our mission is to initiate and develop sustainable, efficient and profitable innovations that contribute to a cleaner world.

Our vision is to accelerate the sustainable energy transition with our solutions.

About Arjan Heinen

5 world patent families in more than 5 major countries.
2015 Last filled patent November
2014 Dutch Nomination inventor of the year
2013 European nomination inventor of the year

2013-now Founding of Hedgehog Applications
1981-2013 CEO e-Traction
2008-2010 Frost and Sullivan entrepreneurial innovation awards
2007 Team player Energy Transition. Section Energy Saving and Durability. Ministry I&M
2002 A&B award
2001 Mechatronic trophy


Derde Oosterparkstraat 138

1092 EC Amsterdam

Phone:  +31 62 888 7364

Email: maarten@hedgehogapplications.nl

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