Roles of partners

BAM – BAM – Infrastructure and its installation
Bam is a renowned engineering, installation and construction company and also a partner of ProRail. BAM is capable of managing the technical aspect of the installation of the project. BAM is an accepted partner of ProRail. Close cooperation with partners  is necessary to align the infrastructure.

Courage architecten – Creates designs and design impressions for the projects
Courage architects is an in Apeldoorn located design agency for architecture, urban designs and product development. It is specialized in steel, glass and tent constructions. Courage Architects provides us among other things with designs and design impressions . The current 3D impression on our website is made by Courage.

Hedgehog Applications
A large number of participants provides not only hardware, but also supports the hardware with components for their own software. Often rest of it this software IP that the supplier would prefer not accessible in terms of quality and accountability. This implies that the project is depended on several major suppliers. Therefore, life contracts have to be closed to bind the suppliers to the project. The suppliers are responsible for the operation of the delivery during the project. Even when the goods are out of warranty and Hedgehog has to pay for the services of the suppliers. Subsystems will transmit their information to the overhead system software and provide a portion of the operation.

Hedgehog Applications B.V. is main responsible for Project Apeldoorn. Hedgehog is not only the initiator of the project, but also the company in charge of the project. Moreover, Hedgehog is the owner of the already developed IP and the IP that still has to be developed. Hedgehog will be responsible at all times for the proper functioning of the system. It will also pay for the source code of the system and own its software. This is the basis of continuity and the competitiveness of Hedgehog in future projects. Hedghog expects to develop several new ideas in the future. These ideas are potentially eligible for patenting.

Schaefer – Delivery and installation of 6 MW Superchargers in buses
Schaefer Power Conversion GMBH is a German company that is specialized in sustainability. Their core business is to develop infrastructure for alternative supply of energy. Schaefer has an Ultra Fast Charging System (up to 200kW per DC-DC charger). This meets the needs of the project exactly. Moreover, Schaefer works closely together with their partners who take on the flanking parts of the project.

ViriCiti – Delivery and installation of monitoring / management system for buses
ViriCiti provides the fleet management system that is needed to let the buses drive without problems. The system also controls the uptime and maintenance, the management of the batteries and rescheduled routes if necessary. The costs for the system include an one-time installation fee and a daily fee per bus. The exchange of Can-bus signals among the partners is necessary for the system to fully function. Moreover, partners give eachother insight in and information about the protocols used, so that information is transferred smoothly via the Gate Ways that Topic developed. Another word for Gateway is interface. It enables data exchange. The information that is extracted from the bus via the ViriCiti system can affect the rest of the components, and vice versa.

Besaris – Construction Work
Besaris is a renowned company in Apeldoorn. Besaris and Hedgehog will work closely together. Besaris will carry out the labour to support the project technically and mechanically. They will also provide the steel construction and the platforms for the production of super fast chargers and energy storage.

Staubli is a leading manufacturer of precision electrical and electronic connectors and interconnection systems for the most demanding applications in aerospace, robotics, test & measurement, medical, solar energy, e-Mobility power distribution and other industrial electrics. Staubli connectors are designed for high performance and high mating cycles and ideally suited for high current applications.


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