Solar Forest

The goal of our Solar Forest solution is to generate energy by means of transparent solar panels in combination with the continuation of ground use underneath. By placing transparent solar panels at a height of 4-5 meters, double use of the ground is possible. The double use of the ground provides many benefits and offers options for cattle breeding, agriculture, recreation and other possibilities such as parking garages.

De voordelen:

Yield from solar energy

Yield from renewable energy with a high profit on its investment: 3.5% without subsidy and 7.5% with a SDE+ subsidy.

Double use of ground

There are many possibilities for the double use of the land. The solar panels are transparent and space is provided for water drainage. Options as cattle breeding, agriculture, recreation and parking garages are possible.


Due to the height and construction, there is less chance of theft. The solar panels are at a minimum height of 4 meters and are slid into the construction from above.

Maintenance and user-friendly

The panels are constructed on poles of at least 4 meters high and have a width of at least 8 meters, this makes it for machines easy to work. In addition, solar panels can simply be taken out of the construction for replacement.

Optional: Buffering energy

The buffering of large amounts of solar energy is possible with a battery buffer package and the stored energy can be returned to the grid to prevent peak load (in summer). This creates a smart grid for the direct surrounding as well.


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