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What does Hedgehog do?

Electric buses driving on braking energy from trains.

Hedgehog Applications B.V. is the initiator of the Hedgehog System. The system is the solution to store the braking energy from trains and reuses it for driving electric buses. The system ensures this energy is no longer a waste. The daily amount of braking energy from the trains, is equal to the required amount of energy for the buses. With the worldwide patent this system can be unrolled at any train station.

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Hedgehog wants to realize these projects related to sustainability for the following reasons:

  • Concerns about the environment regarding to CO₂ emission
  • Concerns about pollution in the cities (Cancer, breathing problems and
other illness driving our health care costs to the limit)
  • Global temperature rise: 70% of all cities are in dangerous areas
  • Waste of energy without any reason
  • Funds that are waiting to be reinvested.

Global warming is an unavoidable reality. The exceptionally large amounts of CO₂ that are emitted as we speak can be difficult to reduce. All resources within our power are needed to counteract global warming. Hedgehog wants to use her talent and experience in order to improve the world.

The projects

Hedgehog Applications initiates two projects: Project Apeldoorn, as pilot project for the Hedgehog System and Project Kracht..Tour offering other solutions with a high social relevance and preventing environmental pollution within the technological chain. For the earnings of the projects it’s essential to be informed about your specific situation. If you are interested, please contact us.

Pilot Project Apeldoorn – Hedgehog System

In Project Apeldoorn, energy that arises from trains slowing down, so called braking energy, is stored in an energy storage system. Local busses then use this energy to drive for their whole timetable. What makes this project unique and therefor progressive, is that the patent for distribution and consumption of the energy on railway stations is owned solely by Hedgehog.
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CO₂ savings

In 12 years 28 700 metric ton of CO₂ can be spared. That’s comparable with 2500 liter of diesel a day.

Reduction of particulate matter

There will be no more production of particulate matter

Preventing the impact of power outages

In case of power outages, trains stay in operation

Saving fuel

It will save €900.000 a year in Apeldoorn alone.

Less maintenance

Less maintenance to both trains and electric buses

Reduction of sound and vibration

From 82 dB to 62 dB. That’s comparable with a noisy cafe versus an average conversation

Project Kracht…Tour

The purpose of this project is to create a triangle of cities which are energy neutral (Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen), the so called CleanTech region. The total consumption of energy in the CleanTech region at the moment is 36PJ.

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Sustainable energy

Stabilisation of the grid, distributed generation and energy storage. This project has a positive sustainability businesscase

Improving the environment

Local people will have sustainable employment, social innovations, strategic ownership and most importantly a healthy environment

Acceleration of energy transition

The core business of the government will be realised with this project.

The roles of the partners

In this project, suppliers have an important role. After all, they have the specific knowledge needed in order for such a project to run smoothly. From an early stage Hedgehog has created firm relationships with these partners. Click here to see an overview of partners involved and learn more about their specific knowledge, skills and their share of work.

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