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About Hedgehog Applications

Hedgehog Applications believes in making the world a better place for our next generations.
We do this by combining proven technology into innovative solutions for tomorrow. These solutions are integrated, green and profitable.

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Our solutions

Hedgehog Applications offers integrated, green and profitable solutions aimed at saving energy, increasing energy efficiency and reducing emission of harmful gases. ‘Regenerative braking energy from trains, metros and trams’ and ’Solar Forest’ are examples of our solutions.
In addition to these examples, we also offer tailor-made solutions and complete accompaniment ensuring separate elements such as electric transport, battery packs, software, sustainable energy generation and storage function together as an integrated system to achieve the maximum result in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Having years of expertise in the field of batteries and electric mobility, Hedgehog Applications is a valuable partner in your transition to sustainable energy.

Braking energy trains, metro’s and trams

Hedgehog Applications is the proud owner of the worldwide patent for the distribution and consumption of regenerative braking energy from trains, metros and trams. By means of this patent we can offer the innovative solution to reuse this braking energy by distributing it to a battery buffer package and subsequently charging, for example, electric buses. The Hedgehog System can be enrolled at a train station by attaching it to the already existing infrastructure, more specifically, the catenary. Hedgehog Applications estimates approximately 80% of all electric buses can be fully charged by the regenerative braking energy from trains at a 4 rail tracks train station and approximately 20 electric buses.

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Using existing energy

With the Hedgehog System, the regenerative braking energy of trains, metros and trams can be stored and reused for the consumption of electric buses.

Fuel and CO2 saving by buses

Daily 2,500 litres of diesel and annually, € 900,000 and 2,300 tons of CO₂ is saved in the city of Apeldoorn.

Reduction of Particulate Matter

Because trains, metros and trams do not have to brake mechanically there will no longer be production of fine dust.

Multiple distribution of energy

Trains can continue to run during a power failure and during peak times the batteries can continue to supply energy to the buses. Additionally, the surplus of energy can be delivered back to the grid and can be subtracted from the grid when the braking energy of trains is not sufficient to charge the buses.

Reduction of noise and vibrations

With electrification of buses the noise level goes from 82 to 62 dB, comparable to a noisy cafe vs. a normal conversation

Less maintenance

Regenerative braking results in less maintenance of trains compared to (current) mechanical braking.

Solar Forest

The goal of our Solar Forest solution is to generate energy by means of transparent solar panels in combination with the continuation of ground use underneath. By placing transparent solar panels at a height of 4-5 meters, double use of the ground is possible. The double use of the ground provides many benefits and offers options for cattle breeding, agriculture, recreation and other possibilities such as parking garages.

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Yield from solar energy

Yield from renewable energy from the sun.

Double use of ground

There are many possibilities for the double use of the land.

Building, maintenance and user-friendly

Due to its intelligent click-on construction the Solar Forest has relatively low building and maintenance costs. Due to its dimensions machines can easily manoeuvre and ground can be used just like it was used before.


Due to its height and construction theft is nearly impossible. No fences or other security measures are therefore necessary, reducing costs.

Optional: Buffering energy

The energy generated from the transparent solar panels can be stored in a battery buffer package and for example used to stabilize the public grid and return energy to the grid.


With a holistic approach in which all facets of the required infrastructure are taken into consideration, the transition to sustainable energy can be implemented. Our goals, namely energy saving, more efficient energy consumption and reduction of harmful gas emissions can only be realized together with our partners. Together with our partners we constantly cross-check if we have the right ingredients for the solutions to your successful energy transition. Would you like to know more about the specific knowledge, skills and their part in the activities of our partners? Click below.

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