The modular smart
(fast) charging station

Our ChargeBooster ensures that companies always have affordable fast charging on-site despite a congested electricity grid.

Smart and affordable

Smart ChargeBooster

The ChargeBooster is designed to meet specific energy needs of a wide range of customers. In particular, this included clients facing the following challenges:

On-site Charging: ChargeBooster provides a reliable energy supply at your location, so you can charge slowly at night as well as super fast during the day.

Scaling up the electrification of vehicles: The ChargeBooster’s scalability means that you can expand your fleet of electric vehicles, without overloading the electricity grid.

Grid congestion: Do you have too small a grid connection or too limited transport capacity? ChargeBooster offers a solution that reduces dependence on the power grid.

Solar energy on-site with HBE registration: Maximise your use of on-site solar energy, incl. “green” HBE’s. The ChargeBooster is even equipped with the necessary measuring equipment to register HBEs. (HBE – Hernieuwbare brandstofeenheden) are the units that companies, within the Energy for Transport compliance system in The Netherlands, use to comply with their annual obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the calendar year 2020.)


Our ChargeBooster solutions

ChargeBooster Powerhub

Intelligent AC and DC power conversions

Up to 720kW DC output per container

Multiple containers linkable

Smart and affordable

Dispensers and chargers

Optimale flexibiliteit in DC outputs (tot 400kW)

Unlimited number of dispensers

Incl. HBE-registration proof

Functional and user friendly

Extra safe

Safe LFP 800V DC battery system

Modular expandable per container up to 1.4MWh

Multiple containers linkable

Safety with PGS37-1 standard

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The advantages

What's in it for you?

Low price per kWh and km

Cost-effectiveness and smart system based on data


Smart DC charging infrastructure and battery, high uptime and extra safe

Always access to green charging

Stability, peak loads and flexibility


Gradual expansion and modular design for future-ready systems

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What are the costs of switching to electric driving for my transport company?

This is slightly different in each situation. A clever solution can make the investment easier to manage for you and even reduce your operating costs. Let us think and do some calculations together with you.

Our smart system allows you to charge overnight or ‘during lunch break’ in 30 minutes. Be aware that this is truly unique.

More and more are being added. Especially for trucks, we are actually helping to increase the number quickly.

With a smart system such as the ChargeBooster you can charge ANY TIME. This in contrast with other less smart battery systems.

There are so many possibilities. Please contact us for more information.

We have seen with our customers, such as De Rooy Transport, that it is very feasible. We will be happy to help you.

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