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About Hedgehog Applications

We believe in making the world a better place for our next generations. We do this by combining proven technology into innovative solutions for tomorrow. These integrated solutions are sustainable, efficient and profitable.

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Our solutions

Hedgehog Applications initiates and develops sustainable, efficient and profitable innovations that contribute to a cleaner world with the aim of accelerating the energy transition.

We distinguish ourselves by combining existing technologies into unique and innovative solutions of tomorrow, where the impact is technical, economical and social always the most sustainable. ‘Braking energy from trains, metros and trams’ and ’Solar Forest’ are examples.

Our unique view on technology, combined with our many years of expertise in the field of batteries and e-mobility, makes Hedgehog Applications a very valuable partner in your transition to sustainable energy.

The Hedgehog System™

The Hedgehog System ™ is an integrated system with a large battery as the main component, which is connected with high power electronics to the overhead lines and ensures we can extract and store the (braking) energy.
Technically, the Hedgehog System ™ ensures that a reversal of the electrical energy flow can take place so that trains, metro’s and trams can regeneratively brake. This energy, which is now largely unused, is collected in a large battery.

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Fastcharging of fleets of electric buses

With our large stationary battery,  it is possible to fastcharge electric buses simultaneously. 

Public energy grid support and stabilization

In the coming years, our battery can release pressure on the public energy grid, both locally and nationally.

Reduction fine dust and erosion

Regenerative braking reduces fine dust and erosion. In addition, we store braking energy, which is now largely unused.

Solar Forest

The goal of the project is to generate energy by means of solar panels. By placing the panels at 4 to 6 meters high, double use of the ground is possible. The dual use of the land brings many benefits and offers options for livestock, agriculture, recreation and other possibilities such as parking garages.

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Double use of ground

In addition to the yield from renewable energy, there are many possibilities for using the ground under the transparent solar panels. 

Maintenance and user-friendly

Due to the construction, the solar forest is maintenance and user-friendly and due to the height and construction, there is less of theft.

Optional: Buffering of energy

Energy storage to stabilize the public grid, possibility of returning energy to the grid.

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