Solutions for transport

Meet both today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges with electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

A solution for you

What do we offer carriers?

Low price per kWh and km

Cost-effectiveness and smart system based on data


Smart DC charging infrastructure and battery, high uptime and extra safe

Always access to green charging

Stability, peak loads and flexibility


Modular design and gradual expansion for future-proof systems

Reliable and certainty

The solution for the transport sector

With the intelligent ChargeBooster, we ensure reliable use of electric trucks, even with an increasingly strained energy grid.

In order to be able to charge quickly without being dependent on the delivery capacity of the grid, we use our own storage facility supplied with green solar energy.

The (fast) chargers make use of this energy storage so they can charge with maximum independence.

Groene energie voor logistieke sector
Sturen op data - transportoplossing
Intelligent data-driven management

Data is everything!

Intelligent data-driven management enables you to find the ideal settings to keep costs low and increase availability.