Our projects

We would love to show you some examples of our successfully implemented projects.

De Rooy Transport - laadplein
Transport sector

De Rooy Transport

The ChargeBooster is an innovative solution that ensures that De Rooy Transport’s lorries and trucks keep on moving, whilst at the same time keeping the costs low and the power supply sustainable and always available.


With the ChargeBooster, we offer De Rooy the flexibility to both fast-charge their trucks during a lunch break, for example (30-45 minutes), and slowly during the night. The ChargeBooster adapts to De Rooy’s operational needs, ensuring maximum availability and efficiency.

Low costs per kWh and km

The ChargeBooster is managed by advanced software designed to minimise the cost per kWh and per kilometre driven. This software continuously optimises the charging process, allowing De Rooy to make major savings on its energy costs.

By deploying the ChargeBooster, De Rooy Transport is taking a major step towards a sustainable, cost-effective future in the transport sector.

Electric buses.


With the ChargeBooster, Qbuzz ensures that their fleet of electric buses can run uninterrupted. The ChargeBooster enables Qbuzz to quickly recharge while en route, extending the operational range and allowing buses to drive more often without having to stop to recharge.

2nd life batteries

We also implemented an innovative 2nd life battery solution that allows Qbuzz to give a second life to batteries that are no longer suitable for use in electric buses. We can now reuse these batteries in stationary applications, such as energy storage for solar panels. This reduces waste and extends battery life.

These initiatives by Qbuzz contribute to a more efficient and sustainable electric bus operation, which is fully in line with the company’s climate goals.

Qbuzz - batterij
Electric flying

Teuge airport

Electric transport also has a future in aviation. With our ChargeBooster charging system, we are able to help this innovative sector to roll out.

The ChargeBooster is a powerful solution that enables fast charging. As a result, electric aircraft can be charged within a short period of time, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Solar Energy

In Teuge, the ChargeBooster is powered by solar energy, which means we are minimising CO2 emissions by using this clean, renewable source. By making the use of solar energy more effective, Hedgehog Applications contributes to a greener future for air travel.

We are very proud to be one of the first to participate in this exciting phase in the aviation industry. By offering the ChargeBooster, we are supporting the transition to electric flying and paving the way for a cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable future of air travel.